tips for parents

there are so many things we had to face when you are a parent during a Pandemia

As Parents, but also as Human Beings, there are so many consequences of the Covid-19 Pandemia we had to deal-with.

There are so many questions we raised and so many answers we got.  But what the parents said or heard?

Here a collection of selected links, articles, blogs and videos with tips for parents …and not only…and that we hope you will find useful.

useful links

interesting articles

enlightening videos

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this is just the start of a journey toward the n³.  our forum provides you valuable and up-to-date content on the n3-homepage.

Pre-selected links to relevant websites, articles, blogs and videos

Facilitated access to relevant content organised by subject

Opportunity to ask questions and/or share links to content you consider relevant for others

thank you for your interest and contribution and welcome once more to n³ !

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