how will be the life in the next new normal after all?

Coronavirus has impacted our lives in different ways.  It is important to learn from the experience of others and get a perspective of how all this could evolve:

What are the changes we experienced during the Lockdown that are here to stay?

What are the further changes we should expect?

How will be the life in the Next New Normal after all?


Here a collection of selected articles, websites, videos and blogs that provide you a perspective on what already changed and what could change in the near future and that we hope you will find useful.

useful links

interesting articles

enlightening videos

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this is just the start of a journey toward the n³.  our forum provides you valuable and up-to-date content on the n3-homepage.

Pre-selected links to relevant websites, articles, blogs and videos

Facilitated access to relevant content organised by subject

Opportunity to ask questions and/or share links to content you consider relevant for others

thank you for your interest and contribution and welcome once more to n³ !

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