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The full / semi-lockdown we have experienced and all the Coronavirus’ implications put major pressure on our training and dining routines.

At the same time a world of opportunities to stay physically and mentally healthy has appeared all over the web, but we don’t know which ones are best fitted for our kids and for ourselves, based on age, expertise and personal interests.

Here a collection of selected links, articles, blogs and videos to train the entire family and stay healthy and that we hope you will find useful.

We have organised them by age, but we recommend you igniting your curiosity by exploring all groups.

useful links

interesting articles

enlightening videos

friendly Q&A forum

this is just the start of a journey toward the n³.  our forum provides you valuable and up-to-date content on the n3-homepage.

Pre-selected links to relevant websites, articles, blogs and videos

Facilitated access to relevant content organised by subject

Opportunity to ask questions and/or share links to content you consider relevant for others

thank you for your interest and contribution and welcome once more to n³ !

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