Return to school, remotely or not.

Over the past few months many of us had to experience the need to work remotely and taking care of the kids at the same time.    Or maybe you are a student that experienced first-hand the sudden jump into remote schooling.

Many of you probably feel that despite the effort of the teachers, the remote school fell short of the curriculum’s requirements and we looked for supplemental learning services online.

Here a collection of selected articles, websites, videos and blogs to integrate the education of your kids and that we hope you will find useful.

useful links

interesting articles

enlightening videos

friendly Q&A forum

this is just the start of a journey toward the n³.  our forum provides you valuable and up-to-date content on the n3-homepage.

Pre-selected links to relevant websites, articles, blogs and videos

Facilitated access to relevant content organised by subject

Opportunity to ask questions and/or share links to content you consider relevant for others

thank you for your interest and contribution and welcome once more to n³ !

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