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implications of Covid-19 on economy, finance and corporations

Over the past few months we spent hours reading articles and watching videos of world-known experts explaining to us the implications of Covid-19 on economy, finance and corporations.

With the exception of a few sectors like transportation and construction, the stocks prices of most companies have gone back to the pre-Covid values.  Many, in particular in Technology and Pharma, have achieved their all-time-high.

Still we have the feeling that the economy is sinking and that we are approaching a strong recession.

This situation is named by some as “wall street is far away from main street”.

Where can I find relevant articles and videos on the implications of Covid-19 on the economy?

What are the suggestions of the experts on managing personal finances in uncertain situations?

Here a collection of selected links, articles, blogs and videos for experts and less experts and that we hope you will find useful.

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